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Music as you Code

Posted on | July 3, 2006 | 1 Comment

sinsynth.pngHere’s an interesting article from Wired News that talks about the new form of writing audio and visual codes live, and perform with them on the spot. In other words, you code and the results are immediately available as art. The article also has links to TOPLAB which is one of the main web sites and organizations working with this concept.

Basically you use on stage a computer and write code based on various dynamic audio systems such as Chuck or SuperCollider. So what you write is what people will hear. Similarly you could write visual algorithms that display the material at the same time.

This is for me a really intriguing new aspect of arts. Just now, anyone with a brain could take tools such as Ableton Live and directly create loop-based music. The issue is that anyone could do it, and the total amount of loop-based dance music, for example, has accelerated to a point where nothing new is produced under the sun.

There are few art forms out there today where originality really shines, I could only think of painting, producing films, and photography. And even in these forms, it’s very easy to just copy material.

It might even be that the audience is slowly getting tired of pre-canned music, and what they really want is ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ happening. DJs such as Sasha and James Zabiela are already going half-way in this directly with very massive reuse of various dance music elements in new configurations. So this is a natural progression, where even the material is produced and is totally fresh at the moment.


One Response to “Music as you Code”

  1. Jonas Rosebeck
    July 18th, 2006 @ 4:56 PM

    ööö det stÃ¥r vad man spelar kan väl folk “grabba” stilen, eller göra plagiat av det. SÃ¥ vidare det är krypterad info. “yes, we speak klingon” :)

    intressant ändå, om det är mera flexibelt än 2000-talets loop baserad appz.

    föressten vad är en algorithm?

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