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More Promotion Tools – Epson Artisan 710

Posted on | December 3, 2009 | No Comments

Epson_artusan_710I got last Sunday an Epson Artisan 710 printer from OfficeMax, really cheap. It is strange in this new consumer economy when it’s cheaper to get a new printer than to just update all cartridges (even if the included cartridges in new printers are half-full.)

This solved my four-year-long quest to get a decent printer that prints covers to CDs. I’ve tried various other Epson models, but they way you fed in the CDs via a separate tray was cumbersome and didn’t work properly. This one has a built-in tray, you push a button, it comes out, fit in the CD, print the button so it goes into the printer. Go to the computer and print. That’s it. Takes about one minute to print a normal picture to CD.

Why printing to CDs in this age when CDs are dying? Well, CDs are a nice promotion kit, you could give them to friends and anyone who wants them, even sell them at gigs in case you want to earn some extra cash.

I also do think that there’s something special about making custom CDs with limited runs so they become somewhat hard to find or otherwise rarities. Today when you could upload and download gigabytes, making more limited and customized packages is a nice thing.

Besides, it is fun burning your own CDs, have something tangible in your hands after long hours in the studio.


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