More Nostalgia Trips, ELP, Three Man Army

Brain Salad Surgery

Sigh, listening to is dangerous, I’m feeling old. While listening today I heard two songs that for me personally had a big influence.

The first one is the B-Sid song from Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s Brain Salad Surgery, or Karn Evil 9. What a trip! So many parts, variations, funny arrangements, non 4/4 bars, out-of-your mind passages. Sigh. We need to get this back to music today. Most ELP fans also consider this to be their master work. Another interesting side note is that ELP took classical music and rearranged such pieces — how many are doing this today?

The other was a song that got stuck in my brain for a long time, especially in my past guitar-centric world and bands with guitars, that’s Three Man Army’s Polecat Women, it’s not that special as a song, but it has a wacko guitar line, a hook, something that makes it fun playing or listening too. Such guitar hooks are really the spice of guitar-centric music.

Anyway, those two songs are also music that inspired me when I was a kid with my ears glued to a cheap FM radio.

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