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More Interesting Loops using Logic Effects

Posted on | July 17, 2007 | No Comments

logic_loop_effects.pngLogic’s channel strips are a really nice feature. A channel strip is a super-preset of various plug ins and other settings that you could define to a specific channel via the Inserts popup menu. Logic Pro is shipping with hundreds of channel strips, including already define bass lines, pads, and so on. It’s very common for me to start a project by keying in a channel strip for a kick drum or a bass sound, and then change the actual software synth preset or switch to another software synth, while keeping in place the channel strip effects. This way I could for example have a nice compression setting in place and go from that forward.

Now, a couple of days ago I was working on drum loops, and I had the default Apple loops installed on my MacBookPro. So I wanted to make the default loops sound more interesting and unique. I was hunting around and noticed that the 08 Effects channel strip grouping had lots of really cool effect setup with multiple plugins working together. So I took a default drum loop, and then run it through various effect channel strip presets, each one creating a very unique and interesting new drum loop.

This is where a podcast would make sense — I will make a sample setup in a future podcast showing what happens with a plain vanilla drum loop, and how it sounds when applying various effect channel strips to this one.


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