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More Film Music, Could I live with Logic Alone?

Posted on | January 14, 2006 | No Comments

Been a while, busy at work. Anyway, had an hour to spare on Saturday, so back to composition mode. This this Clock Ticking, Local Train Arrives in about 30 minutes.

But the real exercise was to see if I could live with using Logic Pro 7 with no external software synths and plugins or not? The reason is that just now I have a hard time concerning upgrading my studio computer setup, which is a G4 2×867 PowerMac. Each time I’m about to get the next system, Apple hints at new hardware, first it was the dual core PowerPC chips, and how it seems that Apple might release the Intel-based desktop systems far faster than anyone anticipated. Apple HW engineering is doing a good job — which puts me into a dilemma.

I don’t want to spend money on a 2x G5 system just now, as the dual Core Intel chips will have a performance increase of at least 2x, if not more.

However, there’s this iMac that Apple just released. I could maybe live with this system for 6-12 months, and after that purchase an Intel Mac desktop and give the iMac to my over-productive graphics expert son for his experiments.

In that scenario I need software tools that work with Intel chips, and the Logic upgrades in March will provide this suppport. However, again, it will take a while before the third party plugins are updated.

Going back to the first sentence, phew, hence I’m trying to use Logic only for a while to see if this is doable or not. It is absolutely a modus operadi — actually it forces me to think more about composition and editing rather than chasing for that elusive sound that might lurk in a specific plugin somewhere in the universe.

This reminds me why Woody Allen is so productive writing scripts on his sofa with a pen and a block of paper.


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