More About the Ultrabeat Drum Machine

utrabeat_sequencer.pngJust to continue a little bit more — in case there are other Ultrabeat current and future users (it’s really great for electro/techno tracks!). One important button in the lower left corner (see image) is the pattern button. If you drag this pattern image into the logic track, then the pattern created in the track is copied over! This makes it easy to go in later and edit the patterns in the Logic MIDI editor, or otherwise reuse the patterns with other drum machines.

Don’t forget then to turn off the sequencer button (see the blue button just above). If you copied over the MIDI track info into the same track, and you use both the sequencer on and the track, the sequencer overrides — it means that even if you have parts in the track with no midi information, Ultrabeat will continue playing the current pattern.

I like systems where you could copy over patterns from a drum system into any other track (Reason has a similar system). This makes it possible to use drum patterns with any other drum machine. Or, sometimes I even use the drum machine patterns with any other synth as one way to make interesting and odd arpeggiator sequences. A lot of my composition model is to try out unexpected things and from that forward. I like random pattern generators as well (more about that later).

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