Monster Studios

monster_island.pngI just saw a video clip about Monster Studios, the place where Kate Perry and others have recenty recorded tracks (like that it seems to become summer hit I Kissed a Girl.)

The one big sales pitch behind this studio is that they have a house band that plays for tracks. I think this will become a good sales pitch for studios and producers. In today’s world anyone could configure a very good studio in the bedroom using semi-pro equipment and computers.

However, the sound will just sound the same concerning productions, micro-edits with loops and so forth. If you multiply this a thousand times or more you start to see the problem with the produced sound — it takes a lot of effort to sound unique and have a specific sound for productions. Same with creativity, one person could only get to a certain point concerning creative ideas with music.

Compare this with a studio setup where you have a pool of musicians that know each other inside out. Based on sessions you could configure this group and put together new tracks. I think this sounds very much like the old Motown system of sessions. Still, I think this is a good way to define a separate sound from anyone else out there, in this age of swing percent values and auto-alignment of pitch and midi quantizations…

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