Mixing – keep the Volume Down

small_pond.jpgThis is something I’ve learned the hard way, so don’t do my mistake. When you mix, or in general do critical listenings to music, balance, odd frequencies, and so on, keep the volume down.

If possible the volume should be on the level that you could barely hear any hard disks spinning.

Why? Because if you crank up the volume, and have fun with the massive dynamic pumping of music, your ears will quickly get fatigued, and after a while you don’t even hear much details.

Even worse, ears wear down with loud volumes, and when you get older, you have lost a lot of the sensitivity.

There’s a time and place for loud music — even then wear earplugs to save your most important asset as a musician and music producer. One might also argue that for certain types of loud music you need to do one pass on listening to the music with loud volumes, and that’s Ok, but not all the time, please.

Oddly enough, this is where high-powered near-field monitors are nice, with low volumes they are still pumping enough air so you could hear small details.

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