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Mixes Like Grains Of Sand

Posted on | January 17, 2007 | No Comments

lots_of_apples.jpgWe are talking about compilation mixes of tracks mixed together, and those could be downloaded from the web. If you have visited various underground dance music forums, such as forums, Global Underground and so on, you can’t miss seeing dozens or more postings of such mixes every day. We are drowning in them!

Long time ago, and should be still today, the idea with mix tapes was to promote songs, artists and labels. Even if uploading music without permission for others to download it is not legally OK concerning copyright laws, the labels tolerate this, especially if it’s a form of promotion. So if someone uploads a mix with not listing the artist, track and label, that promotion is not happening. So it’s not fair. Please always include this listing, so the information is then later gathered via search spiders, or is a form of web advertisement for the artist and the label.

Also, I think nowadays that the classical back-to-back mixing of tracks is not that exciting. Using Ableton or any other decent tool, any tracks could be beat-matched together, so it’s nothing special, really.

I’m usually excited about mixes where the mix artist has taken time to put together a really strange, beautiful or strong combination of material where the mix is suddenly something bigger than the parts. That means that you use your own loops to annotate the mix, and do all kinds of interesting cuts and changes in the flow. This is what Ableton and the other tools are for — not just to beat-match.

I do listen to mixes, either to check out new upcoming producers, or find out what’s happening in the big underworld dance world, where trends come and go like the morning newspaper. I also sometimes check out ‘live mixes’, recorded on the spot, to see how the DJ is doing the show — been listening to a live Speedy J techno mix recently which was very, very interesting.

Anyway, if someone wants to bubble up from the myriad mixes every day, they really need to do some homework and make sure that it’s something special. Sorry, so many mixes, so little time.


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