Mixes for the first Collection Release

legs_car.jpgI’m just now working on mixing together the first ten tracks from PlanetoidPark releases, the reason is that I was told that it’s good to provide as part of an forthcoming label collection also a mix with the material. So those who want individual parts could get them, and those who want to get it all as a mix, could purchase it. So it makes sense.

It’s both fun and annoyance going through old material — why didn’t I do that, and how was that done, but best to keep the sound as it was, and not tinker at this point of time.

Anyway, I did a normal mix of the tracks up to 50 minutes, and it was OK, but reminded me of a radio program from beginning to end. I didn’t add any loops and other odd productions, just using the original material.

Tomorrow I will have a new ear, and actually chop the ten tracks into small clips, and then do a real live session mixing and matching together parts. This would be the other extreme end, instead of doing a secure mix, it could just be anything.

After that I need to make a decision, should I release a controlled mix of the material, or this live lets-see-what-happens mix? It will be interesting. If the live-crazy mix works out, I would rather use that one, as after all it’s like a new track rather than using existing tracks one after another… So that’s my dilemma for this week.

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