Missing EXS files

Logic velocity MIDI screen

I totally reinstalled Logic Pro when 7.1 came out, and after a while I had this nagging feeling that many EXS sounds I used to see in the EXS palette were no longer there..

Until today. I was looking inside the Logic Pro 7 box and realized that there was a separate Extra content DVD that I forgot to install as part of the big reinstallation. Duh. Now I again have the ‘female voice sample’ that I’ve used now and then to get some kind of voice imprint on some songs.

I spent some more time installing other EXS samples, Jampack 4 with all the orchestral instruments, and other EXS samples that’s been in my TODO folder for a long time. Most likely I will seldom use all those samples, with the exception of the Jampack 4 that I need for film music — but the popup window with EXS samples looks really big and long now!

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