Miles Davis Attitude To Music

milesdavispurple.jpgI was watching Miles Davis: A Different Kind of Blue documentary two days ago. You could always learn something new by learning more about Miles Davis, whether you like jazz or not.

One is the spontaneous creation of music — Miles Davis and his cats (musicians) just showed up at the recording studio to record. There was even this story in the documentary how he fired one player when he found him rehearsing solos in the hotel room.

I’ve fallen so many times into the trap of getting to the studio to write a specific kind of song or track; then feeling miserable when it does not happen (of some reason.) There’s nothing wrong to have a general idea where to go, but then the outcome should be what it should be.

So in honor of Miles Davis I took a one-hour session here and tried to write songs how Miles Davis would do if he had access to something like Logic Pro 8.0 today.

This was an interesting experiment as I first made a very complex drum pattern. This exact same MIDI pattern became the bass line. After that 18 different Zebra synths with different settings use the same MIDI pattern!

To shuffle it up, I took selected MIDI regions in the bass and drum sections and used the Logic MIDI function editor to reverse the MIDI notes or otherwise random shuffle them around.

This is a rough mix, from beginning to end this took one hour, but it shows the general idea of just going with the flow when doing music and not worrying about details. Tomorrow I will worry about those when finishing this up — don’t know where to use it, though, unless I do more jazz-centric music. Maybe jazz musicians should use more DAWs to make interesting music instead of getting stuck with their instruments?

Here’s the song, Made in Japan (Miles Davis-like, Rough Mix):


  1. tell you one thing you’re never stuck with own instrument if you can play it inside out…

  2. Haha, I actually really like that track. We need more EDM jamming!

  3. I agree, do think the next step to break out from the super-production and super-controlled material done in the studio is to just play and see what happens. There was a musician in Miles David group that was fired when Miles Davis found out he was rehearsing solos for the material in the hotel room…

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