Mental Beats

mental_beats.pngIt’s been a while since I uploaded free music at this site, anyway, here’s something, Mental Beats. It’s a 45 minute composition consisting of many parts and themes, minimalist and techno, and something similar. I’ve never done a bigger body of minimalist music, so that was one reason I wanted to put this together. I also wanted this to be a long mix, so all the compositions are my own, but it’s a 45 minute long Ableton Live project.

The compositions and most of the work was done during a Sunday in January 2007 with some stems pre-composited on Friday, that was a busy Sunday, indeed. I did some post production on parts of this mix last week.

What’s the title about? Oh, just having weird thoughts about investigating beats inside a mind, having dreams about music, just the strange concept of how mentally you could do a lot of stuff, without the need of any physical sound waves, spooky or what. Yes, this is one of our two cats, photo tweaked with Aperture and Key Note. A mental cat!

I don’t know how long this will be available, so please download it in case you are interested.

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