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Posted on | June 12, 2007 | No Comments

mannekin_pilot.jpgI just finished reading the Sounding Off section on the last page of one of the latest Sound on Sound magazines, and I must say, I agree with the author about the issue of missing melodies and tunes in productions.

Either I’m now officially one of the old generation and don’t get it, or I’m one of the ones in the next wave of electronic music. Sometimes that barrier is hard to define. Anyway, I really do think that after all the years of loops and minimalist atmospheric sounds, there’s again room for creative tunes and melodies in the world of electronic music.

It’s not that it’s been dry with tunes, there are many good song writers in the electronic music world — heck, just now I’m listening to Solvent’s Science with Synthesizers that has a wacko and fun tune. But after listening to hours and hours of mixes recently, it’s really hard to sometimes find those fun melodies that stick to your ear.

Hmm, I even had to purchase my wife Nik Kershaw’s collection of hits just to refresh my brain about how a good songwriter is operating.

Anyway, I could be either right or wrong, but my prediction is that in this age of anyone putting together dance tracks with fifteen Apple Loops, those who could write tunes and interesting melodic variations might suddenly be the kings in the country of the audio blind. Stay tuned.


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