Meet Mr. Cactus

Mr. CactusHe is my new voice audio engineer, in charge of the microphone in the studio.

Works for free, too.

Sometimes you have to do whatever it takes to make the recording environment pleasant, including the spot where you have to take and re-take the singing parts. So it’s good to have someone helping out over there.

As for the name, it’s a long story based on a misunderstanding about a character my son created for a game today. I found this one in the other son’s room today, as well, so it was handy for decoration.


  1. Also known as: Meowth (#52).

    I think he’s a great inspiration coach, and if memory serves, a bit financially success oriented.

  2. Yes its Meowth — from long time ago when my son was into Pokemon. Interesting wikipedia entry…

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