Meaty Drum Loops in Mixes

bw_muffin_factory.jpegSomething that I use from time to time in mixes, and also in live DJ cases with Ableton Live, is to put in a very fat house dance loop on top of material that really does not have any strong beats, let’s say world music.

I really like the Kaskade Sound Library Volume 1 that is available from various places, and I saw that Volume 2 is now also available. The only drawback I have with those loops is that they are 16-bit, but they still sound brilliant.

Anyway, with those loops, the drum ones, you could get anything to swing really well, even when doing DJ work.

Yes, I could build my own drum programming, but it takes a while, and it’s not always that interesting to do yet another classical house drum loop. Doing odd drum loops is another story.

Now, if you still want variation, use various settings in Ableton Live with these loops using Beat Repeat, especially with the variation parameter (use small values, though). Or the chop it using envelopes and other effects, to make them sound unique.

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