Marketing a Musician Should Not Do

Farmer's Market.
  • Post ads on Craigslist the musician section about events. Only musicians read those and many get just bothered about such advertisement. Don’t waste your time doing marketing on craigslist, spend your time on better marketing channels.
  • Post URLs to your music on musician forums, unless you are really serious about getting decent advice. Again this is a futile attempt to please or show your stuff to other musicians, you should go for the consumers.
  • Never state that you are a newbie, amateur or otherwise incompetent. If you do this, then you are one.
  • Waste time sending unwanted emails, such as hijacking another mailing list or a list of emails and spew your emails to those. It is spam. Annoys people. You get less friends, not more.
  • If you do good things, you get good results. Try to think what someone else would think if you marketed yourself in a certain style or fashion. Yes, sometimes shock-marketing works (Lady GaGa) but you need to be smart with this, too.
  • Don’t do carpet-bombing style marketing ┬áby being everywhere with anything you have at the same time. There’s a limited attention span, don’t misuse it.

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