MacProVideo Free Tutorial about Ableton Live Clips

ableton_live_clips_tutorial.pngI was looking at the free MacProVideo Logic Pro 8 video tutorials, including the brand new one just uploaded, about Ultrabeat, my favorite drum machine, even better now.

Anyway, they also have a really good free tutorial about Ableton Live clips, so if you ever want to know inside out about clips looking at a video tutorial, get this one.

The tutorial talks about the basics about launching clips, velocities, saving, and so on, but includes clip envelope handling, clip scrubbing, nudging, clip grooves and much more.

I think instructional videos are the best way to learn complex products such as Live or Logic. Books are also nice, but there’s something about hearing a human explaining something, and you could see how he or she does it, and hear the results, as well.


  1. Hi Kent.
    I’ve found your website through Logic Pro Help Forum! It’s really nice, and I’m adding it to my blogroll.
    I’m running a website too, so step by, you’ll be welcome.

    All the best.

  2. Thanks, I checked your web site, very professionally done. –Kent

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