Lullaby Traps for Musicians

CowsWell, I will explain. Let’s take an example. Blues is nice, it’s a very important musical style, has influenced nearly anything that has to do with contemporary electrical guitar playing. Anyone who aspires to be any kind of guitar player should know something about blues.

Still. You could easily get into the rut of constant blues playing, pentatonic scales, stuck to blues formula. At the extreme here in the San Francisco South Bay we have all these blues bands with elderly good musicians that crank out the same music evening after evening. Nobody is exactly enjoying it.

What I suspect happening is that when you get really well-versed in a style, you want to stay there and enjoy the woodshedding results. Instead of growing as a musician and try other styles and expand your mind.

There are other similar cases like all the DeadMau5 wanna-bes in bedrooms who crank out techno track after techno track with the same formula. Recently I’ve noticed that even in genres like tech house, things have become very stagnated and boring. You learn how to program the tech house drums and bass lines and you are stuck there…

There’s really a simple solution. Just do something totally different. If nothing else, think of the poor audience that really wants to enjoy new music and will get the same dessert evening after evening.

Personally I like artists and bands that surprise me year after year. Even if there’s sometimes a hit-and-miss case, just the effort to try something and expand is what counts.

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  1. Couldn’t agree with you more. There is so much music out there, might as well just do what you want and be as creative as you can and see what happens….

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