Lots of Tiny Edits, Everywhere

lots_of_edits.pngHere’s a snapshot of an Ableton Live project that is maybe over two years old that I opened up tonight, just for fun. Lots of edits and loops, or what… And only 15 tracks in the whole 23+ minute track. I used to reuse tracks all over the place at that time.

This is from the period when I did over twenty minutes long tracks, or songs, kind of experimenting how a symphony was put together with tons of loops.

Some of the loops had crazy edits, like fast loops and deliberate warp point to make things slow down, or speed up. I think I will try to use that in new productions — forgot about that trick. Move the warpers around in tracks, to crazy places, and see how it sounds.

This project was even so old that Complex warp mode didn’t exist then, so I switched over everywhere to use complex mode with non-drum material.

It was fun and icky looking at the mastering done then. I changed a lot of settings to make it more crispy, good old Izotope Ozone and Hi pass filters everywhere. It’s good to always go back and see what was done long time ago, you always learn every day if you work with audio.

As for what should I do with these tracks, I still don’t know. Maybe release an EP with the material later this year. I need to think about it.

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