Loops Revisited

alops.pngSome time ago I got very much tired of loops of many reasons, of which repetition leading to very stale production was one big problem. Especially drum loops that repeat tend to make the production very factory-like — and I nowadays believe much more in organic productions where each part is a little bit different.

Still, there’s a lot of usage of loops in unexpected situations I realized recently. One is songwriting. If you have a big set of private loops that you have saved for a while, Apple Loops or in case Ableton Live, any kind of audio material, you could quickly put together new songs from pre-existing material.

If it sounds good, then you could just re-record all kinds of parts and remove the loops after a while. The green AppleLoops are especially handy as they contain MIDI information so you could go in and edit each loop so they are unique across the section.

Next I will talk more about AppleLoops and my current vacation strategy to once-and-for all solve my workflow and organization concerning saving and keeping track of looped material.

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