Loops or No Loops, that’s the issue

People sometimes are confused when I tell them how I work. “Yes, I use loops.”. “And yes, I create all the loops myself, too, using my fingers.” Somehow I think there’s a preconditional assumption that if someone uses loops, then they cheat, or can’t play an instrument.

In my workflow, I could play all the sequences myself, but why bother. If you look at classical composition, there are many places where the orchestra repeats itself, there’s even notation for doing this when scoring. Repetition is as ancient as when the first cave musicians started banging on drums.

Actually, when I move the music produced with Logic Pro into Ableton Live, I start to modify the sound loops even further, so they start to be mangled and have variations on their own. Thus, the production itself will take a form of improvisational loop creativity. The output is not even what I expected in the first place. The closest I could think of is like what the editors do when they edit movies from raw footage.

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