Logic’s Quick Swipe Comping Revisited

logic_quick_swipe.pngI wrote some time ago that I avoided using Logic’s Quick Swipe Comping for guitar tracks. Well, I changed my mind based on some work today.

I ended up doing multiple tracks for both guitar and bass work — started to actualize the songs I did in a hotel room in Napa Valley. So I just recorded guitar and bass tracks with Create Take Folders, to save time.

Then I tried out selecting various parts from each take for the final comp. There are two benefits: If one take had a small mistake, I could quickly fix it by taking something from another take.

The other benefit I didn’t realize was that I could mutate the the recorded region; I copied the verses and choruses to final positions, did some quick swipe comp changes so that they sounded somewhat different — and job was done. So it’s a big time saver as there’s so much I need to record for the next month or so. Needless to say this is perfect for doing multiple solo takes and select the best parts — no need  for razor blades!

The mutation part makes the regions sound somewhat different so they don’t sound like a typical copy/paste operation with exactly same guitar lines playing, same tonality and so on.

I was originally just planning on using it for song tracks but this will be handy for all kinds of incoming recorded tracks. I don’t mind doing a region wiht create take folders, four-five different takes in a row and then puzzle together the final version. Wow.

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