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Logic’s EFM1 Synth

Posted on | February 6, 2007 | No Comments

logic_efm1.pngThe Logic EFM1 software synth is like this step-son that is always forgotten. I rekindled its friendship after reading a posting on the Big Blue Lounge forum about how to make great bass lines, and one posting mentioned that EFM1 makes good bass sounds. So I had to fire up Logic and check it out, and it was true. OK, another weapon in my bass arsenal — creating good bass sounds is one of the tough assignments with productions.

Also, to prove my (silly) theory that most of minimalist music is done using FM synthesis, and while helping my son understand cross products in mathematics, I fired off a track using only EFM1 synths and one Ultrabeat drum sequence. It’s called Cross Products. I don’t know if I will release it, but it was a fun 30 minute exercise, especially running away from the drudge teaching about cross products…

As for good bass lines, FM makes sense, a lot of the low end rumble only needs to be somewhat pure sine waves with a some transitions, so FM synthesis makes this easy to achieve. You could then add more characteristics with additional FM synthesis on top.

Anyway, if you have Logic, and have not tried out EFM1 before, check it out. It’s a nice surprise.


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