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Listening Habits

Posted on | October 12, 2010 | No Comments

vinylI purchased 44 vinyl albums for $20 this weekend, so it made me think about the listening habits, how they have changed over time.

Long time ago, when I started purchasing music, it was the issue of cost, availability and opportunity. I could mostly purchase one album a month, which I did for a long time. When visiting the place selling albums, there was a finite set of albums available. And it was not every day I could visit the stores selling albums as they were miles away from where I was living.

So all that created a situation where you thought for a month what to get, you hope you find it or then a compromise, take the vinyl home and listen to it for the whole next month. The benefits were great, you really learned a lot about the music, the productions, songwriting, the concepts and so on. What else could you avoid when listening to the same album hundreds of times.

Now, when CDs arrived, it was somewhat easier to find material. It also helped that I lived in bigger cities like Stockholm with plenty of stores selling them. As well as have a good salary. I still didn’t go out on a binge purchasing CDs like crazy; purchased somewhat more material but still listened to the materials. Hey, even had a CD player in the living room, listening to music instead of watching TV.

Enter the digital era. I never went full steam with the pirating/Napster model, instead purchased digital music, or eMusic where you could download a lot of material. What happened now was that I didn’t have time to listen to all this new material. Hey, it was so cheap and anything was available.

I think this history lesson points out why music is on the decline with the exception of Top-40 pop music which seems to have its own life.

With online streaming et rest it will just become worse — most songs or albums don’t have the attention needed, one listening and that’s it.

Maybe that’s the reason I switched back to getting vinyl, ripping it and listening through the albums more properly…


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