Learning Logic Pro 8 Via Key Commands

key_commands.pngOK, having 1600+ pages to learn Logic Pro 8 is daunting, and it is one approach. Another approach is to learn the details by testing things out, via key commands. Most important features are mapped via key commands, so when you learn those you also learn the application. In addition, you get very proficient with all the commands, and fast, too, as it’s always faster to hit key commands rather than hunting down menu entries with a mouse.

Anyone used with Logic Pro 7 commands, the defaults have changed, so we all need to go through them anyway, or import the old ones and make sure we didn’t break any existing ones. I tend to stick to default settings, as I could then jump from one installation to another, and know my way around (this also assumes that the original owner has not customized the settings inside out…).

So. Go to Preferences-Key Commands, and in the Options section select Copy Key Commands to Clipboard. Then in your text editor or word processor, hit paste, and you have the full listing.

I used Pages, with a three-column layout, and 8pt fonts, and the listing was still seven pages, but it was manageable. Then I used a marker and marked out what I think were the most important key strokes, such as start, stop, record, and so on. After I knew those, I just continued on the next setup of important commands, and so on. After a week or so, with personal use, the key commands and features should be part of your brain.

There are so many cool new bindings. Something I really need, from Ableton Live use, is to move the selection the same amount backwards and forwards in time, and this is mapped to Shift-Control-Right Arrow for forward, and Shift-Control-Left Arrow for going backwards.

As for the funny symbols used for shift, control and so on, you need to look through the manual, the beginning has more info about the symbols used.


  1. I’ve yet to install Logic Pro 8, but thanks for the blog posts, Kent. They will come in handy!

  2. Yes, I think there are many interested in Logic now so I will focus more on this product, until Ableton releases something crazy, of course.

  3. I just purchased this and have no prior experience with Apple…PC freak. Could you just send or post the short-cuts via e-mail, html or standard text file?

  4. See the posting above, tells you how to print out the default key commands by pasting them into a document.

  5. thanks for this post. looks like a good approach.

  6. Great tip! But when I paste in Word, the alt key symbols like option, command, control, etc. appear as other obscure characters. Any way around this? I manually did a “replace all” for some of them, but others don’t replace as easily.

  7. I posted the above comment too soon. It works fine in TextEdit. Though I am curious how to get it to work in Word.

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