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Learning Complex Programs – One Feature at a Time

Posted on | March 26, 2007 | 1 Comment

blue_city.jpgIt’s actually good modern DAWs have a lot of functionality — never a dull moment. Anyway, I’m usually falling into the trap of reading the manuals inside out, and trying to learn it all in one big session. It seldom works.

It’s better to learn one thing at a time, one feature a day or so. For example, you could go through Logic’s feature set, for example the key bindings, and use control-P for a day until your brain is programmed to realize that: “Hey it’s nice that I could switch on the left side between control strip mode and normal mode.”.

Or with Ableton Live, use command-option-B for a while until your brain gets the message that this is for opening and closing the browser view.

It is true that you need to start from somewhere, but just get things up and running with simple projects, and then learn the complexity one thing at a time.


One Response to “Learning Complex Programs – One Feature at a Time”

  1. David
    April 8th, 2007 @ 11:19 AM

    It’s nice to hear others’ thoughts about taming the seemingly infinite options that DAWs provide. I like your positive spin on it–use the myriad options as an opportunity to learn, not to be overwhelmed! :-) It seems silly that I have these amazing tools at my disoposal and I just sit there not knowing where to start sometimes. My MO lately is “make a choice”–I let intuition and improvisation guide me initially, and then I can tweak to my heart’s content later.

    I enjoyed browsing your site, btw–I’m a Reason/Live user as well.

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