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Kicks of Life

Posted on | December 9, 2006 | 1 Comment

arm_wrestling.jpgI still think the original Linndrum kick was the best electronic kick sound I ever heard.

Anyway, I went through my collection of kicks tonight — every time I finish a project, I just stuff aside the sounds used into my sound bank, and it becomes after a while very non-organized. I wanted to classify them and also go through with Ableton Live and check the sound qualities.

The classification was interesting, I ended up with just four sub-folders, one with house music kicks, one electro/techno ones, one with experimental kicks, and then a dedicated folder for any non-steady four-beat bars. The techno kicks were mostly synthetic, dry, or otherwise dark kick sounds, for example.

When going through the samples, I noticed that the kick sound was in many cases very different between Ableton beat and complex modes. Since the early days we always warped drum sounds with beat mode, complex was not around, and beat worked just fine with non-tonal material. Anyway, I was really surprised to hear that complex warp mode (introduced in Ableton Live 5), actually made some old drum sounds much better, more subtle parts showed up. In other cases the beat mode made the kick sound punchier. Sometimes just one or the other sounded wobbly. So that was another operation I had to do, anyway this is good to know in future.

I also put aside twenty kick drum sounds, they are here in a zip archive format (right mouse-click), and actually in Ableton Live 6.0 project format, but in case you don’t have 6.0, you could get the samples from inside the folder itself. Permission is granted to freely make excellent music with them (but not to redistribute them as a package). I added a set of normal and also experimental kicks for more fun with your music productions. The samples are 24-bit 44.1Khz AIFF and WAV files.


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