Kick Envelopes and Ableton Live

kick_envelopes.pngHmm, I think I wrote about this some time ago, but why not again. I really make use of the envelopes with kick loops from time to time. Usually I shorten the envelope, the decay part, so the kick is more punchy. Or, in this case, I changed the decay section where I was in the track.

In the slow sections I wanted a more punchy kick, so the envelope shortened the kick, see above. Then, when all the instruments kicked in, and I wanted a more massive sound on the bottom end, I opened up the end of the kick so it could decay all the way to the end.

This technique is also very useful when layering instruments such as kicks or other ones, one part could provide the initial sound, and the other section could play out the end, so there’s a nice overlap, and neither side muddles out the other one.

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