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Kick Doubling and Tweaking Live Volume Envelopes

Posted on | November 27, 2006 | No Comments

ableton_bass_envelope.pngOk, here’s another real-life scenario that happened minutes ago when I was tweaking two kicks triggering at the same time. I like to have two kicks, one is a strong sounded one that is heard through the mix, and one has a low boom sound that is good for club systems. If you just use either one, either you don’t get the low end, or you really don’t hear the kick, especially in cheaper systems that don’t go below 50Hz or so. So this is a good compromise.

Anyway, when solo:ing both kicks to hear the final result, I heard a lot of strange digital rippling happening on one of the kicks. Originally what I did was to let the envelope clip dramatically, from infinite to zero.

When I changed the envelope (see image above) so that it has an incremental decay, then the rippling sound disappeared. So sometimes it’s good to experiment also with the envelope release times, to see if you could make sounds more smooth and not so harsh in case the sound ends too quickly.

Doubling of instruments is an interesting and big topic, it’s a classical production technique, so more about that in the next post.


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