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Posted on | August 14, 2007 | No Comments

post-singularity001.pngI wanted to redo most of the graphics in the podcast series I just announced. I wanted each track to have a unique image, similar to the old tradition of artwork with album covers. Extended postcasts makes it indeed possible to do this now.

Anyway, my graphics talent is close to zero, but I have lots of photos. So what I did was to use KeyNote from Apple. It’s a presentation program, but actually you could define the size to anything, in this case 300×300, as that’s the preferred PNG size for extended podcasts.

After this all I had to do was to drag in the photo, and drag in the small new Something/Everything logo my son did for me tonight. And then type in text, use a fat font with shadowing, and that was it. I did all the ten custom track images in about 40 minutes.

Yes, I know it sounds again like a marketing blurb, but the price for iWork is now $79, so it’s a very good price, and you could get so much artwork done with just KeyNote, so it’s for more than just presentations.

PS: Anyone dare to guess where from that photo is?

PSS: If you already subscribed to the podcast, delete and resubscribe, as it might be that you don’t get the new images in the extended podcast unless you resubscribe. Sorry, but finally the stuff is locked down.


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