Effects Available for Audio Work

trailer_with_stuff.jpgIn case you are intested, I uploaded 22 effects from my own sound library, here in a zip archive format (right mouse-click). They are in 24-bit 44.1kHz AIFF format (40Mb), in an Ableton project folder, but you could get access to the files inside the project folder, too.

It’s a bunch of effects I’ve used in various songs (and some of those effects are wacko). They are released under the Make people happy with these effects license. Its also a thanks to you all who read and support this blog, so I will upload more material. Use them for strange DJ transitions, starting points in mixes, your own new music — but I’m always curious so in case you use it somewhere and it’s audio, let me know and I could check it out.

In case you missed, I also gave out a set of kick samples — the info about that is in this posting.

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