Influences – Techno, Minimalism

not_a_through_street.jpgI went up to the city (San Francisco) Friday evening to check out the DirtyBird Records event at Mezzazine. Dirtybird Records is this really cool new SF-based label, headed by Claude VonStroke. I really liked the music played, especially songs like Puck Hertzblut03 by Stephan Bodzin (check out his myspace account, the song might be there for a while). Claude VonStroke played this over a big PA system, wow! Speak of air wobbling.

Anyway, it’s good to go and check events like this, you get influences. For me, it will be a period of more Berlin-inspired music, most likely. Compare this with the scene in San Jose, lounges where if lucky someone is playing piano-based house music, ack. Fortunately culture is 50 minutes away with the car.

Techno music is fascinating, for me. Each time I think it will just die a miserable death due to overproduction and cloning, it morphs into something else. Especially in Berlin, they seem to always get a new angle to it all.

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