Immortal Teaser

external_planets.pngMore fresh stuff I’m working on in the middle of the night, a quick teaser, project name Immortal: .

Most likely I need to go in and redo the drum section (loop just now) and some of the bass lines, but the idea of this kind of dreamy guitar sound popped into my head just before I was going to get to bed, and here again I sit in the studio late at night.

The guitars have a lot of processing, flangers, choruses, Logic’s Tape Delay and everything goes through a general Space Designer patch to give it even more depth.

We have so many choices nowadays to make the sound spacey!


  1. This is some great music and mixes Kent. I love your production.
    You have a very creative style and production.
    So do you record other people and what the cost might be?

  2. I don’t mind producing anyone who is interested in my somewhat different style (important to make a difference in this world of music to be heard and noticed.) Even for free.

    Mostly I’m interested in good songs and good ideas and could take it from there and help out. Feel free to contact me anytime for any production work.

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