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I’m Off to a Laptop Gig

Posted on | January 20, 2007 | No Comments

black_stuffy_animals.jpgA friend of mine wanted me to play some music at her book party, she’s an author. So I said I would take my MacBook Pro with Live and do live music on the spot. This is in downtown San Jose.

So I spent most of last night and this afternoon to prepare for the gig. It was a strange preparation — I just went through my huge sound bank and marked various files with the key values so I know in what key they are. Then I downloaded a lot of strange audio voice material from the web.

So it will be a combination of on-the-spot techno compositions and voices talking. I should hit the record button and save it, in case it’s worth saving for the future.

What I learned when going through my sound bank is that boy I tend to use certain keys for composition, A major and minor was the dominant one, second was D minor/major. There was an odd F# loop here and there.

The bass sounds were interested to analyze in Live. Alas, even in complex mode the warping effect could be heard, but that’s how it is with the current Ableton Live warp algorithms. I learned also that I could quickly do a bass line by taking an arpeggiator pattern and duplicate this clip and then take down the pitch 24 points or so — instantly a double arpeggiato line that could be used as a bass line.

Anyway, I will play it safe/crazy by having sections with just drums, effects and voices.

If this works out well, and if people like it, I might get on tour here in the Bay area playing my laptop at various coffee places!


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