If you Don’t Play The Music You Like — Then Make It

_mg_8023.pngThis is one of those classic concepts of musicianship. If you are in a situation where you don’t find bands or artists that play the kind of music you would like to do, then make it happen by creating it youself.Today it should not be so hard to put together music productions using Logic, Live and similar tools, even if you are not a drummer or guitar player you could get very far along by using loops and similar means.

Even singing today is not so critical, many singers do not have perfect voices; rather they have individual styles that sound different from others.If you put together tracks you could control the outcome. Now, to find like-minded musicians in case you want to play live, that’s another issue. I’ve used an iPod to play the backing tracks for some of my recent compositions. It’s doable, I wish I could have more live musicians but again it depends on patience and getting into the musician circle where you could start getting help from others from time to time — provided you also help out.

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  1. great tip! I agree, if you play the music that you like you can find others with the same interest.


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