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How To Make Money on Music

Posted on | August 21, 2008 | No Comments

Maybe this old video by Todd Rundgren explains how to make money on music today, or not:

Todd Rundgren – An Elpees Worth Of Tunes via

Meanwhile, if someone really wants to make a living or even a profit, touring is the way to generate money, not selling records.

However, there’s a really cool spin on actually even making money on records. Press 500 or so special CDs that you sell at concerts, before or after, for $5 or so. It should not be hard to sell them, especially if they have exclusive content such as concert recordings or otherwise rare or brand-new tracks. Add into it your signature or something similar and it’s an easy way to generate revenue. Anyway, I would do it if I would be on an extended tour. The audience loves exclusive stuff, CDs, T-shirts et rest.


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