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How Not to Market Your Band

Posted on | November 14, 2008 | No Comments

band.pngHere’s a link to lots of promo pictures of Swedish dance bands in the seventies.

To give you some background, in the seventies/eighties and maybe even today (I left Sweden 1988) there was a big market for dance bands who played at various venues in Sweden and also on the west coast of Finland (as I belong to that ancient tribe that speaks Swedish but lives in Finland.)

Their repertoire consisted of a mixture of sappy slow songs as well as half-speed dance songs. The lyrics had to do with ‘Trust me Baby’, ‘I Love you Forever’, “Don’t Cry when I Leave You”, “Tonight I am Yours and the Night Belongs to US” and similar sugary topics with innuendos left and right.

Now, where I lived, the lower part of Western Finland where this lost tribe of Swedes live, in our young circle we just hated this whole culture. The local place for venues actually rented Finnish rock bands — at that time the Finnish rock bands were wild (few know that Hanoi Rocks was basically a Finnish band.) So we got our revenge that way. One of the first bands I played guitar was doing Cream covers and similar stuff. Dance music, yak (and of some economical reasons later I actually played bass as a sub with a local dance band further north, to pay for my expensive synthesizer equipment but that’s another story….)

As part of this ‘different’ rock culture, young people from north and other places visited our local venue. One of those visiting was my future wife — that’s again another story.


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