History – Real Man by Todd Rundgren

Maybe it’s good to write down some biographical content, hehehe.

Each one of us has a record or song that has a big influence in your life. One of those for me, definitely, is Todd Rundgren’s Real Man, the opening song on his Initiation album. I think this was back in 1975 or so, I got interested in Todd after hearing his songs, the few times they played, on the Finnish radio. At that time you could hear rock music maybe 30 minutes a day, every second day or so. Those were the times..

Anyway, I took a field trip with the middle school class to a local town, they were visiting schools and so forth, but for me it was just an excuse to get there, sneak out from the scheduled programming, find a record store and purchase Initiation. After that it was listening time. We didn’t have iPods or even walkmans at that time, so they only way to re-listening the song was to try to remember it in your head, and while I was working on the farm the song played in my head, over and over. I could analyze the arrangements and so forth.

What struck my young mind at that point was how Todd used strange synthesizer instruments, weird sounds, in a classical song structure. The lyrics and theme of the song is also uplifting. Todd really inspired me, even today, especially with the concept that you could really do something, anything, in the studio. Maybe that’s the reason why I like to produce and write any kind of music, why my musical career has been extremely diverse, maybe even related to my professional computer career…

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