Hihat Loops Available

strange_vegetable.jpegOK, here’s a zip file with 22 hihat samples (right mouse click on a Mac to download), 11 are open hihat ones and 11 close hihat ones. They are packetized as an Ableton Live 6.x project, but inside you should find the samples themselves as AIFF files, as well.

They are 24-bit 44.1kHz samples, most of them are four-bar long samples. The reason is that I usually create variated four-bar drum loops, and then with various loop points and edits I could make more variations from the same material.

I also edited the blog tags, so now all my free samples are available from the Audio Samples tag, or via this link.

Have fun with the material! The loops I selected are not exactly of the normal kind, so it might inspire you trying to use them.

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  1. Thanks. Im getting whatever i can. Needed some hi hat audio files. :)

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