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Hardware – Use it or Lose it

Posted on | September 14, 2008 | 1 Comment

sdc10114.jpgSomething I learned over the years concerning equipment is that there’s  a certain level of amortization that should happen — in other words, if something is purchased it should be used over time. Nowadays I don’t automatically get anything unless there’s a certain need. And if I get it and realize I don’t like it of some reason I put it out on craigslist for a good price so someone else could use it.

There are of course lots of exceptions where I put aside equipment and to my delight found it later for use. Like the E-Bow I purchased in London around 1987, those were hard to find in the mid-eighties, not any longer. Anyway, it was good it was stuffed aside as it was another saving of $70 or so.

Unfortunately some of the gear I’ve owned over the years got lost, sold or otherwise given away due to us moving across three continents until we settled down here in North America. It would have have been fun to take out the old Electro Harmonix pedals I got back in 1978, who knows where they are today. At least one of my old Ibanez electric guitars have been hanging with me — and I will use it for some musical work soon.

Sometimes I just need to get something that I know I will use a lot in future, like the used Line 6 Pod XT I got cheap and is now heavily in use. So if you find something cool on craiglist or in a store, and it’s cheap, purchase it, assuming you know what you will use it for. If nothing else, make five+ tracks using the equipment so you felt it was a good investment. Then put it in storage and have fun five years later.


One Response to “Hardware – Use it or Lose it”

  1. Mr. Tunes
    September 14th, 2008 @ 6:36 PM

    yeah i have a lot of hardware that i just can’t part with, even though i really don’t use it all.

    good example is my roland xp-10. it has good sounds in it, but it’s a bitch to find space for it. i thought about modding it so i can lose the keyboard section and make it smaller.

    i also thought about using one of those automated sampling programs to get all the patches out.

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