Happy New Year

2168874953_86a91793c9.jpgI’m at an age where I don’t want to even look at a calendar anymore, but to say thanks to all the readers, may you all have a productive and good year.

There’s something good with affirmations, if you set out for something, it will happen.

So may you all get lots of equipment for the studio, hours of inspiration making cool music,  meet new interesting people, musicians, friends, get your music heard, have a fun time with music, find new gems you want to listen to.

In addition, may you all be healthy, have good food, sleep well and have plenty of resources so you could dedicate your life to something meaningful.

Hopefully that covers all.

The picture is from the north side of Golden Gate, if you ever visit this place, drive under Hwy 101 and turn left and drive for a while up the hill and you get a really nice view of the incoming bay. Get there late afternoon to avoid the fog.

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  1. 2009 is all yours Kent. Best wishes!!!

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