Halloween 2005 Music

Each year my kids ask me to put together ambient horror music to be played outside the door at Halloween. By which I overreach and spend some time putting together a 15-30 minute piece of music making parodies of horror musis genres of all kinds. Usually I end up taking only few pieces for the ‘outside the door’ music.

Anyway, this is good for the creative juices, usually I have only a day or so to put it together from zero, compose, write, arrange and mix it together. This year I only had close to four hours.

Below is the URL where you could download the final rough mix of the 2005 Halloweed project, code name ‘Cats and Wolves':

Download MP3 file here.

Here’s the playlist and short notes of each of the 11 songs:

1: The Cat on Top of the Church Organ
How that would sound like.

2: Trance Monster Baby
Just wanted to hear what a Euro-Trance producer would produce, cheese-wise, for Halloween…

3: Space is Dead
Don’t know, kind of “Space is Dead” stated by Willian Shatner, or something similar, sounds very philosophical… Like the death of all bad SF movies…

4: Slave to the Rock Monster
My first attempt on 15 years doing heavy rock, shades of Spinal Tap, I would think…

5: El Horror El Un Cafe
Took the title and the citations from my son’s Spanish text book, he promised to translate this to me later this week so I know what I said. I was thinking about scary latino women in rock videos… Notice the clever transitions from the rock song to this latin rhytm one, took me 3 second to mix it together.

6: Spam
Yes, Spam emails are scary stuff.

7: Horror Movie without Horrors
That’s what my wife said when she heard it, just wanted to try out something nicer with wolves and cats in the background.

8: Couch Ghosts
They lure in women into a boring dance with boring music so the women scream…

9: African Spirits
Something about exorcists running amok in Zimbhave.

10: Synth Terror from Eighties
That’s the sound you hear in some early 80:ies horror movies, when the arranger got their hands on a Prophet 5, and had two hour to make a horror score. Still wonder why that man is moaning at the end of the song…

11: Beaks
My son on clarinet, figure out what variation of a famous song…

Anyway, enjoy. –Kent

PS: Projects such as this shows the true meaning of something/anything.

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  1. hehe…lol

    diggar din musikaliska humor…sysslade med en massa audiovisualisering med dåliga musikprogram å ljudeffekter i högstadiet…asbra med ljudsketcher!

    Älskar ideérna! cat on church organ å el horror un el café å alla andra freakiga träxx! freak on!

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