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Guitar Shopping

Posted on | September 6, 2008 | No Comments


I could finally drive a car after the accident, so I took the chance and went shopping for guitars. As part of my new psychedelic pop/rock project I need another guitar to provide variation. Also, in case I go on stage doing guitar work, it’s always good to have a backup. I do have an old Ibanez Trailblazer II guitar but it’s an excuse to get another toy, so…

I looked at a used Ibanez RG220B, it was actually pretty solid, but I realized I already have an RG (RG750, hand-made in Japan), so getting another one might be just to get the same sound. It was a cheap one, though ($170.) I checked out some ESP guitars just as they exist, but those didn’t excite me that much.

So I took the standard detour over to Guitar Center to check out more models, as they seem to drown in guitars here in San Jose. I liked the Ibanez 2525 RG model, but again it was the same feeling of getting a guitar that sounds like the one I got 1992.

Anyway, just for fun I stopped by the display of Fender guitars and checked out the standard Stratocaster HSS (Fat-strat) versions. Wow. I always liked Stratocasters, however my problem with the guitars were the noisy single-coil pickups with no bite (not that someone could just replace them.) Also, in the 1980ies there was a big batch of really clumsy and expensive Stratocasters that were sold so I tended to back out from purchasing those.

Anyway, the standard Stratocaster HSS guitars were fun, nice layout, and the neck for me has always been the ultimate tool for guitar players. Anyway, what I really liked was the HSS spec of using a humbucker as the bridge pickup to get the bite and distortion, and using quiet single-coil pickups for the other two to get the standard Strat sound.

So unless I change my mind tonight I will get back to the store tomorrow and pick one up. That would compensate my Ibanez RG guitar sound so I get a nice spectrum of guitar sounds I could record. The other nice thing with Fender guitars is that there are so many parts I could customize, the first thing being something like Sperzel locking tuning keys as I hate guitars out of tune, doing anything to keep then in tune on stage (and in studio) is a big plus for me.

Anyway, I must say I feel a little bit old, then again any guitar player should at some point own a Stratocaster….

Followup: Well I started to calculate all the work and parts to make the Stratocaster keep in tune, especially with switching to a better tremolo. It got to a point where I realized it is just easier to get an Ibanez with everything in place, locking nuts and decent tremolo. I got a good deal on a white RG350DX over at Guitar Center so I took that home — so I’m still on the track to only own Ibanez electric guitars and basses.


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