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Guitar Accessories

Posted on | September 1, 2008 | No Comments

the_string_cleaner.pngI’ve been inspired to pick up my guitar(s) and do extensive guitar playing again. One reason is my renewed interest in writing Power Pop and Psychedelic Pop based songs and tracks. Also, I used to play the guitar quite a lot long time ago, until I ended up on the slope to do more and more keyboards and synthesizers. So it’s fun to have the musical pendulum swing back to the other end for a while. Guitars are very personal instruments, you could give the same guitar and amp setup to two different guitar players, and it all would sound different — compare this with giving two synth players the same patch. This also shows in my opinion the weakness of synthesizers, it’s very hard to develop a unique and personal playing style with synthesizers. It’s doable (Jan Hammer) but it takes a lot of effort and personal focus.

Anyway, I was looking through the latest Guitar Player magazine (hey, you could get 12 issues for $14.95) and found two new interesting guitar accessories.

One was a string cleaner. The idea is that  a micro-fiber based material is wiped over strings and it picks up the dirt and other material from the strings. I’m a big believer in clean strings of many reasons, easier to play, better sound and indeed you don’t need to switch strings so often which is a pain. The price was reasonable ($12.99 + shipping) so I ordered a set for testing.

Another thing I saw was a new guitar strap where the locking mechanism is in the strap itself, from Planet Waves. I’ve had all kinds of strap locking mechanisms. Some have this additional hook that is part of the guitar — I stopped liking them after having my high-end Ibanez RG guitar in a hard case and this plastic hook actually scratched the head. I looked at other solutions but it was always an issue of removing the original strap holder. I tend to use very few straps and placing those holders on each guitar would become economically somewhat too much. I don’t mind using one strap, so this would be a good option — the only problem was that I didn’t see many still selling these online. I might stop by Guitar Center and see if they have them available later today.


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