Got the New Desk and Other Things for the New Studio

white_sky.jpgMy wife and I visited the local Ikea store in Palo Alto. We ended up getting a wide but narrow white board, with white legs, and a white lamp to it, too, including new white drapes to be placed in front of the window and the desk.

I think new studio this will remind of a dissection board of alien artifacts somewhere in a secret US laboratory…

The nice thing with a long but narrow desk is that I could have various controllers to the left and right, and drag them to the center when needed. This is much better than with wide desks, or specific studio desks — there’s really for me little need to spend a lot of money getting a studio-like desk, as I don’t have piles of external gear. All my effects are running inside the computer, same with the synthesizers.

But I would like to have various smaller MIDI controllers that I could use from time to time placed around on the desk, DJ controllers, other interesting and experimental ones over time, as well.

I just need to take apart this current desk now, and clean up the mess of cables behind, and dump a lot of junk that has been accumulated in this studio…

I think I will call this new studio setup The White Studio.

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