Got Myself a New Cart

rock-n-roller-cart.pngYes, I don’t have roadies when dragging my gear to temporary gigs and jams. But this is a good one, Rock-n-Roller R6. I got a good deal from as well as they have %15 discount on various products just now.

An investment to help our poor backs are always a good investment. If you drag equipment around from place to place, get a cart, something like this. Much better than dragging equipment around, putting a lot of pressure on the disks, resulting in long term back problems.

The cool thing with this cart model is that I could build a table on top of it, so it could even be used as a keyboard stand. Same with guitar or bass amps, I could put the amp with an angle in one cornerĀ  so it is pumping the sound upwards — important as otherwise you don’t hear as much when you play and the sound is mostly traveling past your legs.

Did I mention that there’s no need to have huge amps and cabinets in today’s world with effective amp solutions?

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