Got My Guitar Cable

Sometimes funny mental blocks appear. I’ve been planning on doing this special guitar-centric album next. Most of my cables are in use in the studio, including my old guitar cable. And somehow I never got to get a new one, a $15 purchase, until today. Oh well. If you want to remove mental blocks, remove them one at a time. Remove even small ones that will block you.

Anyway, with the guitar cable in place I could finally test out Logic Pro 7 guitar simulators, and they sound really good, good enough for my taste. The Pro 7 audio unit effects are also really nice for guitar work. The tape delay sound reminds me of gold old U2 days, and the stereo spread is perfect to widen out the mono guitar sound.

Had great fun jamming with Jam pack loops and my guitar tonight — next is to silently push the record button while jamming along.

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  1. U2 !! The Edge!! Oh yes!

    jo, gitarrkablar (tele kabel) can be a bitch, så man ska passa på och investera i någon ordentlig då man väl köper…

    keep on jammin´

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