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Google Calendar for Keeping Track of Studio Stuff

Posted on | December 23, 2008 | No Comments

gcalendar.pngGoogle Calendar is becoming more and more my default place where to register all kinds of information — not just events such as gigs and so forth.For example, today I changed strings in two of my guitars and I made a quick all-day appointment stating this. So if I’m not sure when I changed strings in the guitars since last time, all I need is to do a quick search and find out the dates. Same with placing batteries into effect boxes and active electronics units in guitars and bass guitars.

Yes, I don’t need to change guitar strings every week, fortunately for the environment and my wallet. I don’t sweat that much when I play, or then I seldom play in places where there are megawatts of lights on stage.

Now for the sake of batteries, again to save the environment I know roughly the maximal lifetime of a battery in active electronics and I take out 30% of that time range (as well as keep spare batteries with me in case of emergencies). So by keeping track of the dates I know roughly when to switch in new batteries. Save the planet.

As for any other Google calendar usage, in addition to gigs and similar things I also keep track of how many times I have been on stage, jamming, playing with a band, at least 15 minutes. So far the count this year is up to 138 events which is good as I really wanted to get back into the live playing comfort zone.

You could add any information you want, entries are cheap. As the online calendars work from any computer online you could always go in and check for stuff. And the data is also backed up!


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