Glenn Ballard Video Interview

glenn_ballard.pngI just saw a new video interview with Glenn Ballard over at Berklee Music. He’s famous for producing artists such as Alanis Morissette, Dave Matthews Band and so forth.

His views about what is important when producing, what will happen next and so forth are worthwhile to check out. For example, he said that if the original material is mediocre, it takes a lot of effort to product this to something decent.

The important skill to develop and find in a fragmented future market is the taste. All music has an audience, if it’s done well, you could get it sold, even if there’s less of a market compared with the golden days of music when the jobs paid really well. But then you could be involved with music you really want to do. There’s always an audience for any kind of music, as long as you really are involved in the style — it has to be something you really like working with.

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